CJP recently caught up with the recipients of the 2015 Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarships. Along with the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation, CJP expanded the program in 2015 to encompass four academic scholarships to Embry-Riddle students pursuing careers in the aviation industry.

2014 scholarship recipients Dakota Foster, Anna Robinson, Achyut Nair, and Robert Morgan, with Mr. Bob Hoover

2014 scholarship recipients Dakota Foster, Anna Robinson, Achyut Nair, and Robert Morgan, with Mr. Bob Hoover

Dakota Foster

Ever since receiving the Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship, I have been recognized on campus and congratulated many times. Since I applied for this scholarship many, many months ago I also applied for others in case I were to not have received the award. Almost a week after receiving the Bob Hoover award, I found out I had also received the David J. Gonnion Scholarship. I won this award through the financial aid office. Each week, ever since my first year, I would go and check out what scholarships were available to apply for. Ironically enough, that is how I found out about the Bob Hoover Scholarship!

As far as my personal life with the upcoming start to school, I will begin my flight training again. I haven’t had the chance to fly since I left so I am in a severe need to fly… It has been almost a whole month! I’m hoping to complete my single-commercial by March, but we will see how that pans out. Fingers crossed for beautiful weather!

This spring, I am hoping to attend the Women In Aviation International conference in Dallas. I had the chance to go last year and I networked with so many people, it was an experience I will never forget. I am trying to go again this year, especially since I have accomplished so much in the past year!

I will also be traveling out west for the Women’s Ambassador Program. Along with eleven other Ambassadors [from Daytona Beach], I will be traveling to the Prescott ERAU campus to visit their Ambassadors. I have never been out west, let alone met the other campus’ Ambassadors, so I am very excited for that. I’m not sure what else to expect from this semester, but I am excited for what this year brings!

Robert Morgan

2014 was a very busy year full of unexpected adventures. Without a doubt, one of best was traveling down to Florida to accept the Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship and to meet several members of the Citation Jet Pilots Association and the aviation legend himself, Bob Hoover.

Concerning the coming year, my plans are almost strictly academic. I plan on finishing up my instrument rating in early May before returning to California to work for the summer. While back in the Inland Empire, I plan on taking a few classes in order to ensure that I can graduate on my timetable. While there, I’d like to get checked to fly the Piper Arrow out of my local airport. I have not flown it much, but I enjoyed the brief time in it immensely. Most importantly for the 2015 year, I look forward to continue working with CJP and the adventures that may bring.

Achyut Nair

As this very memorable year comes to an end, I am in pursuit of my Commercial Pilot License. Next semester, I am looking forward to start flying the Diamond Twin Star, training for my multi-engine add on. Furthermore, I will be starting my CFI training. In regards to my current flight training, I started flying the Piper Arrow just a few months back and am enjoying the increased performance and complexity of my first retractable gear and variable pitch aircraft. I also plan on training to fly taildraggers and participating in an upset recovery course in the near future.

In terms of my academics and extracurricular activities, I have increased my participation at the flight line and was made a member of the Flight Department Chairman’s Advisory Council. Also, I was elected as Vice President of the Flight Line Assimilation Program (FLAP), where I plan on increasing the number and quality of our mentors and bringing more publicity to our mentorship program, where we help new flight students with all their concerns, ranging from flight training to classes and everything in between. Overall, this year has been wonderful and it will remain a milestone in my flight career.

Anna Robinson

I find it difficult to believe that another year has flown by. It seems that each one is quicker than the last. Perhaps that is because I have been blessed so much this past year especially! Receiving the honor of the Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship through CJP and the Bob Hoover Foundation was the highlight of my year! Since I had the pleasure of meeting many of the CJP members and Bob Hoover, several fairly significant things have happened in my life.

My fellow recipients and I have become better friends and we look forward to the coming year. I succeeded in completing another semester with a 4.0 GPA at the Daytona Beach campus, and am excited to continue my education on my CFI certificate. For the Spring term, I have been accepted as the Flight Ops Intern for United Airlines in the Denver Chief Pilot’s Office, so I will be relocating to Denver in early January. This is a great opportunity to learn more about airline operations and gain some experience in the professional environment. I will be working there full time from January to May. Gratefully, I am able to spend my holidays back at home in Washington State with my family. I hope this update finds you happy and healthy. Happy New Year!


CJP is proud to be in a position to continue our increasing support for the next generation of aviation leaders through scholarship and education. CJP recently joined with the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation in contributing $50,000 each towards four Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarships to students attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) on campuses in Prescott, AZ and Daytona Beach, FL.

These latest scholarships, worth $25,000 apiece, were awarded during a reception held Oct. 23 in Daytona Beach and attended by storied test pilot, aviation legend, and Foundation namesake Bob Hoover, as well as Embry-Riddle President Dr. John P. Johnson, members of the university’s Board of Trustees and President’s Advisory Board, and members of the CJP and Hoover Foundation boards. This is the second year that CJP has bestowed the Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship.