Chairman’s Update

2018: Investing in You, the Member

by CJP Chairman Kirk Samuelson

CJP-2017-Kirk Samuelson-HeadshotLast week, the CJP Board completed their Winter Board meeting in San Antonio, Texas. While we typically conduct this meeting over a teleconference, this year we decided it would be a great opportunity to hold our meeting at the site of our next Annual Convention to “test drive” the event location. As the result of our visit, we were able to ask questions and provide the hotel staff insight into our organization’s needs with the view at making our event even better.

We came away excited about San Antonio – it’s going to be a fantastic host city for the convention. The hotel is superb, the airport will be accommodating, especially with the Textron Aviation Citation Service Center located right on the field. In addition, the convention will have compelling educational content, great social events and an opportunity to enjoy the best of San Antonio’s brand of hospitality.

Safety Program Beta Test

New for 2018, CJP has launched the CJP Gold Standard Safety Award to engage members in the mindset and methods that enhance the safety of their operations. (You can read about the Gold Standard criteria HERE.) Under the leadership of Charlie Precourt, the CJP Safety Committee developed the Gold Standard as a means of addressing gaps in knowledge, proficiency, piloting skills and single-pilot competency.

The newly formed CJP Safety and Education Foundation is developing training opportunities that not only satisfy the requirements of the Gold Standard but may make the different between a safe outcome or a tragic one. In April, the Foundation and CJP Silver Partner Flight Research is offering Citation-specific upset recovery training program. It’s completely unique in that you will learn skills using your own jet while still operating within the envelope of the aircraft. From there, you will have the chance to learn recovery techniques in extreme attitudes and flight conditions using a MB-326 Impala. Tom Abood and I have both “beta tested” their Citation training program and give it high marks.

In addition, flight training providers TRU Simulation + Training and FlightSafety International have developed enrichment curriculum that allow you to improve piloting and decision-making skills beyond the typical 61.58 check. Recently, I was the “beta-tester” for TRU Simulation’s enrichment course. In this course, you are now freed up from the FARs and PTS and explore new areas, such as scenarios that have resulted in accidents. It’s not about failing equipment, but rather putting you in a saturated environment where as a single-pilot can get you behind the aircraft. The “aha moment” for me was when I purposefully pushed myself beyond what I normally would do in a recurrent training session. It was about making me a better pilot, not simply passing a test or checking a box.

Someone asked me to reflect on what I learned about myself. My answer was that it made me realize the kind of mistakes I could potentially make, and hopefully now I won’t. I strongly recommend you consider pursuing the CJP Gold Standard Safety Award as one of your 2018 aviation goals.

Looking Ahead

Our mothers taught us to always leave something better than how we found it, and that is exactly what happened under the leadership of (now) Chairman Emeritus Russell Boyd. Today, thanks to his vision and energy, CJP is stronger financially, has a clearly defined mission and a strategy to achieve it. As your Chairman, I see it as my role to continue the great work accomplished thus far while pressing ahead on our safety, advocacy and philanthropic objectives. Also, we are fortunate to have great partners, and we need to make sure we are being good partners to them.

This year, as you will see, we are investing back in our members through innovative events, education, tools and resources. With CJP a stable, professionally run organization, it’s time to take the next step in providing benefits to help members get more out of their jets and more out of their membership.