Any resemblance to Howard Tobin's egg timer is coincidental.* FIVE MINUTES WITH…

Clint Newell

CJP Member Since: 2013
Occupation: Auto Dealer
Spouse: Carol Newell
Current Aircraft: Citation Mustang 215
Home base: Roseburg, Oregon
Number of years flying: 41 (with a large hiatus in the middle!)
Total time: 1,250
Dream aircraft: Citation Mustang, of course

Clint_Newell lo1) How did you get into aviation?

When I was in high school my dad started taking flying lessons, and I did too. He had always dreamed of learning to fly, so he decided to dive right in. It was something that we did together for a long time. He initially bought a Citabria but later owned two Bonanzas that he bought new at the time.

In 2010, I bought a 2005 Bonanza A36, and I really enjoyed flying it until I made the decision to move up to the Mustang in 2015.

2) What led to the purchase of Citation Mustang, and how do you use it?

I bought the Mustang because I needed an airplane that would have a better dispatch rate, mainly due to weather, and a larger useful load to fit the travel demands of my business. I use it primarily for business, and I needed something more robust than a piston airplane.

When I first considered my move-up, I didn’t start out thinking I was going to buy a jet. But after studying the capital investment and operating costs of different aircraft, including the King Air C90B and the TBM, I found that the Mustang compared very favorably and looked like the right answer.

Today, my typical mission in the Mustang is mainly the West Coast with trips to Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas and Phoenix for auto industry purposes.

3) What is the most memorable trip you have made in your Mustang? What is your future “dream” trip?

I can’t say because I’ve taken many extra spectacular trips in the Mustang. I went to Hilton Head, S.C., for a meeting and then to upstate New York. Those were my longest distance flights, and they were great trips. The trip to New Orleans for CJP was a good one.

My dream trip would be to fly to the Caribbean for some island hopping. That has always intrigued me.

4) How long have you been a member of CJP & why did you initially join?

When I owned the Bonanza, I was a part of the BeechTalk online community because of its excellent topical forum. When I began thinking about the Mustang, I began looking for something like that for Citation owners. I fortunately came upon the CJP site and have found it to be so much more than just a member forum. I have attended the last two conventions and enjoyed them immensely. The membership is engaged and there are some tremendously knowledgeable people in the organization.

5) In your personal experience, what is the most valuable part of being a part of CJP?

The greatest value I draw from this group is all of the collective experience that the membership comprises. There is up-to-date information, interpretation, speculation, all in the name of Citation! (How’s that for a slogan? Don’t tell Miller. He’ll try to claim it.)

* Any resemblance to Howard Tobin’s egg timer is purely coincidental.