Thanks to the steadfast support of our trusted partners and supporters, CJP has again partnered in 2017 with the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation to jointly award four new Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship recipients with $25,000 each to be used towards continuing their aviation-related studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) on campuses in Prescott, AZ and Daytona Beach, FL.


We asked these four students – Andrius Logvinenka, Brooke Harrington, Kimberly Martinez, and Dillon Smith – to share their stories with the CJP membership, and their responses follow here.

Andrius Logvinenka

CJP-2017-Andrius Logvineka-Hoover Scholar-0217Hello, everyone. I would first like to thank everyone at Citation Jet Pilot Association for making me one the recipients of the scholarship. This scholarship just took off just a huge burden off myself and my family’s shoulders. We were all worried of how to pay for my flight costs and this scholarship was the answer to our prayers. This will help me make huge leaps and bounds towards becoming a commercial airline pilot.

I would like to go into describing a little about myself and letting everyone of who I am and my vision goals of the future. I was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, which is located by the Baltic Sea next to Poland and Latvia. I lived there for seven years and in 2005 I moved to America. On this trip was the first time I have ever been on an airplane, and that where my passion began for airplanes. Ever since I moved to America I have always wanted to become a pilot and it has never change. A lot of friends and classmates would change of what they would like to become on a daily basis, but I have always had a passion of becoming a commercial airline pilot. I see myself as a very goal driven person and one that doesn’t like to be stuck in one spot. This shows a lot in my martial arts career. I have been doing martial arts for the last 6 years of my life and this is the first sport I have ever done and I enjoy it to his day.

This last summer in 2016 I accomplished a huge life goal of becoming a black belt Goju Kenpo. In high school I always took the hardest classes possible, but two years in I wanted something more out of school. So, during my junior year I got accepted into a community college high school where I would be able to earn college credits while also attending high school. As I looking for a four year college during my senior year, Embry Riddle kept coming up and up. I read about Riddle a lot and figured out that this university would be the best college to get the best knowledge to become a professional pilot. I came into Embry Riddle last semester with 37 credits which helped me save so much money and time to finish my bachelor’s degree. After graduating college my goal is either become a CFI at Embry Riddle, and or any other job offers that would be coming my way. After earning my 1000 hours, I would like to start working a regional airline and eventually go to a major airline. Although, I don’t know which airline I would like to join American Airlines and United have interested me.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone at Citation Jet Pilot Association for giving this wonderful opportunity. I can’t wait to join and become a part of CJP, and this is a dream come and true and something that will truly be used to its full potential. I can’t wait to meet a lot of members at Citation Jet Pilot and share the passion for airplanes and flying through the skies!!

Brooke Harrington

CJP-2017-Brooke Harrington-Hoover Scholar-0217I grew up in Miami, Florida before moving to Daytona Beach just last May. My Mother was born in California to Cuban immigrants and my Father was born in Miami, Florida. Having the majority of my family members being from Cuba, and not speaking a word of English, I was fortunate to learn both English and Spanish while growing up, though I am extremely shy when it comes to speaking Spanish due to my heavy American accent.

I am a Junior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In addition to being a student I also work for the school as a Student Assistant for a Flight Operations Team Manager. I am a member of Women in Aviation, ERAU Chapter as well as Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. In addition to being an Aviator I love to read and have recently taken up knitting.

After the end of the semester I decided to drive down to Miami and visit my family for the holidays. During the drive down I received a call from Cheryl Hardy informing me I had been selected as a recipient of the Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship!

I was so happy I immediately called my father to give him the great news. After the call, I sat in traffic on I-95 for almost an hour and could not stop smiling! It was such an honor just to be interviewed and considered for this scholarship. I had checked my school email at least 15 times a day in hopes of hearing from The Citation Jet Pilots Association. I can’t express how overwhelming that moment was for me.

I am currently working on my Instrument Rating at Embry-Riddle. Receiving the CJP Bob Hoover Scholarship will allow me to continue my flight training throughout this semester and continue to my Commercial Certificate this summer. This award means the difference between being able to finish my flight training or having to take substantial breaks between ratings and certificates. My education at Embry-Riddle would not be possible without the help of so many generous awards provided by donors like Citation Jet Pilot Association. After establishing a career as a Captain for Delta Air Lines, and hopefully flying internationally, I would like to create a scholarship like the CJP Bob Hoover Scholarship, in order to assist someone in a similar circumstance as myself.

Kimberly Martinez

CJP-2017-Kimberly Martinez-Hoover Scholar-0217From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity in rewarding me with the Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship. Being a minority in aviation, as a first-generation Hispanic female who are underrepresented in the aviation community, the Citation Jet Pilots Association has empowered me with confidence to keep pushing forward and prove to me that I am a complete and competitive person in the aviation industry. Additionally, this scholarship has reminded me that just like Mr. Hoover overcame his biggest obstacles in his early training days to become successful, I definitely can too. It is generous individuals like you who are ensuring Mr. Hoover’s contributions are never forgotten, and making my aviation dreams come true.

Thanks to you, I am pursuing an Aeronautical Science degree, looking forward to one day becoming a professional pilot. I recently finished a minor in Aviation Business Administration so that I can offer my future employer more than just flying skills. Outside of the classroom I try to stay involved as much as I can on campus. I am a Resident Advisor (RA) for approximately 45 upperclassmen. I love my job, and I would not change it for any other job on campus; that is because I love working with and helping students. On the other hand, I’m a Student Advocate for the Student Government Association, and I am also the president of the First-Generation Student Association. Additionally, I am involved with the ERAU Women in Aviation chapter, in pursuit of promoting more women to enter the fascinating world of aviation.

Thank you again for your financial support. One day, when I am in the financial capability to do so, I would like to make a gift to support the funds of the Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship because I know the significant impact it can make on a student, and I want Bob Hoover’s legacy and commitment to the aviation community to live on. Due to your significant contributions I am encouraged to continue my academic career with confidence, without having added financial stress on top of my heavy academic load. Paying for college shouldn’t be the hardest part of going to college. Thank you for not making finances the hardest part for me as well.

Dillon Smith

CJP-2017-Dillon Smith-Hoover Scholar-0217I am a sophomore at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott Campus. I am pursuing a major in Aeronautical Science with minors in Business Administration and Applied Meteorology with the intent of becoming a professional pilot. I have dreamed of flying since I was ten years old and that dream becomes more of a reality every single day. Although I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, I have spent most of my life in the small town of Sumner, Washington, where I was raised by my parents Aaron and Amy and grew up with my younger siblings Jared, Austin and Rylee. I love hiking, biking, playing trombone, and of course flying, which is why Embry-Riddle is the perfect place for me. I am so excited and honored to be a 2017 Bob Hoover Scholar and can’t wait to get more involved with the CJP Association.

Being a student at Embry-Riddle is better than I could have ever imagined and I am doings things I would have never anticipated. I work as a dispatcher at the flight line for Embry-Riddle, am a Lead External Camps Coordinator for Embry-Riddle Summer Programs, and once in a while I also get the pleasure of dressing up as Ernie the Eagle, the school mascot, and dancing at sporting events. I am excited to report that just last month I earned my Private Pilot license and I will start my training for my instrument rating this semester. I have had an amazing fall semester and am so excited to find out what adventures lie ahead in the semester to come. I am most looking forward to my instrument flight training and a mission trip to Mexico I will be taking over spring break.

Receiving the phone call that I had been selected as a Bob Hoover Scholar was by far the best unforeseen surprise of the holiday season. Knowing how competitive and prestigious this scholarship is, I am beyond grateful to have been selected. Words will never fully express what receiving this award means to me. Attending college has been and continues to be a tremendous financial burden. Like many students, in order to attend Embry-riddle I must invest in myself through loans and scholarships. Receiving this award has relieved a lot of stress and financial pressure from my life and guarantees that I will be able to continue my flight training uninterrupted. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for believing in me and my dream to fly. Thank you.