Many CJP members reading this edition of “Flight Levels” have likely already experienced the new CJP member website, available at The new site offers greatly enhanced functionality for CJP members accessing the forums, the Russ Meyer Citation Library, and other online resources, as well as providing a vastly stronger IT “backbone” to support CJP’s continuing growth.

The new and (substantially) improved CJP website

The new and (substantially) improved CJP website

Intended to provide a more streamlined look and feel that also yields faster page response times, while also maintaining continuity with the previous site design that was so familiar to members, the upgraded website is the culmination of months of hard work by a team led by CJP Director Jason Talley. Some highlights of the new site include:

• Improved mobile experience

• Enhanced overall performance

• New forum software with improved features and functionality

• New image gallery system with easy navigation

• New members map, AND a “Citations in Flight” map!

• Improved “back office” functionality to help with member management

Those accessing the new website for the first time will need to log in with the email address on record in your profile, and password “citation1234.” From there, you may select your own private password. Answers to this and other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the new site are also available at

Any CJP members with suggestions for adding content to the site, or who may be experiencing issues with this or other aspects of the new site, are encouraged to email for prompt assistance. The website team will keep you posted on the status of reported issues or feature requests.