CJP Announces Formation of the Insurance Industry Committee

New Web Forum Will Address Member Questions & Provide Unique Insight

Whether you are a new Citation owner-pilot, moving up to a different model, or facing an impending renewal, insurance is a hot topic for CJP members. Beyond fuel and maintenance, it is one of the largest expenses in operating a business jet.

This is also an area that CJP is actively addressing for its membership. The organization’s goal is to provide members a “clearinghouse” for information and knowledge on insuring their Citations.

After much discussion and input from members, the CJP Board has established an Insurance Industry Committee, which will serve as the “go-to” source for any and all inquiries from our members. Led by Mark Brown of Falcon Insurance, the committee is comprised of key leaders in the insurance industry and will help establish an ongoing dialog about insurance topics not only among members, but help to convey information to the underwriting community as well.
To help communicate to the membership, the Insurance Forum has been established on the CJP Web site. Moderated by Mark Brown, the Forum will be a central place where members can ask questions and get straight answers from the experts who know the Citation insurance market best.

In addition, the Insurance Industry Committee is planning an excellent session for the 2014 CJP Convention, providing the latest outlook on the insurance environment and addressing questions about insuring your Citation and unique situation.

Just as no two Citations and their owners are the same, every risk is unique. CJP believes members shouldn’t have to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of insurance alone. This committee and forum will add significant value to our members and provide an indispensable source for information and insight.