Chairman’s Update – Reflecting on 2017 and Preparing for 2018

By CJP Chairman Kirk Samuelson

CJP-2017-Kirk Samuelson-HeadshotThis is my first official column since being elected as the CJP Chairman, so I want to make sure to thank our Chairman Emeritus, Russell Boyd, for all his hard work leading CJP in 2017. We are grateful for what he did to make CJP a more efficient organization and we will never forget his amazing showmanship at the Convention in Phoenix. Russell has not “left the building” and will be once again helping to make the 2018 convention even better.

It is also important to highlight a few of the other successful CJP activities during 2017.

We launched the CJP Safety Committee with accomplished aviator and astronaut Charlie Precourt as the Chairman. Under Charlie’s leadership, the Safety Committee focused on creating tools and incentives encouraging participation and overall safe operations. One example is the CJP Gold Standard Safety Award that was announced earlier this year and will be launched in 2018. Charlie will explain the details of this prestigious award in the next issue of CJP Right Seat including the criteria and application process. There will be much more coming from the Safety Committee and the newly formed CJP Safety and Education Foundation including specific training seminars with partners and other providers. Our goal is to foster a culture of safety through training, while providing you with the tools and resources to earn the Gold Standard Safety Award every year.

Under the watchful leadership of Marc Dulude, the CJP Advocacy Committee was very active this year exploring and addressing Citation fleet issues and industry initiatives. They collaborated with other general aviation groups to fight ATC privatization and worked with partners to address member matters. Marc has highlighted the recent accomplishments of this committee in this edition of Flight Levels.

In addition to the impressive committee activities in 2017, CJP launched the new website, grew the number of members and partners to record levels, and held the best convention to date. We are all very proud of what CJP has accomplished and how we are positioned for our future.

To that end, the CJP Board elected the officers below during the October board meeting immediately after the convention. I was elected to be CJP’s Chairman, with Marc Dulude as our Vice Chairman, and Russell Boyd moved to Chairman Emeritus. Tom Abood (Director) was appointed to serve on the Executive Committee with Marc and me. We will continue to work day to day with Andrew Broom, who the CJP Board elected to a new position as Chief Executive Officer. Additional officer positions and committee assignments will be finalized during the January board meeting.

As you can see CJP is poised to have another great year in 2018. I continue to be impressed with the depth of board volunteerism at CJP and can’t wait for the impressive of activities we are pursuing in 2018.