Advocacy Accomplishments in 2017

By Marc Dulude, CJP Vice Chairman and Chairman of the CJP Advocacy Committee

CJP2016-Marc Dulude-HeadshotAs I write this article, a great number of things have occurred affecting the fleet of Citations that I think bear mention within a context. As you know, CJP is much more than simply a bulletin board exchange of information. In addition to the even more concerted safety efforts now underway, CJP took on an advocacy role early in its history and that role has grown significantly as we’ve shown the value of Textron working closely with its owner operators to address fleet issues. The time line for each initiative is different, from a very long period for any avionics software updates to the very short time taken to get to clarity on the rudder rig pin location for M2, for example.

Recently, those advocacy efforts have gained more visibility with Rockwell Collins (RC) removing some 10,000 instrument procedures from the ProLine 21 database as a result of FAA instructions. Immediately, CJP took the industry lead in working closely with RC in several phases, the first of which was to improve the safety of flights since CJP felt that the then current status was riskier than advising operators of editing restrictions applied to instrument procedures. That reversal is now accomplished and RC has restored access to these missing procedures with FAA approval. The next step is the longer-term solution to the core issue that caused the problem in the first place. Although the time scale is much longer with that resolution, CJP remains committed to leading those industry efforts in consultation with RC.


That last point is critical to understand. CJP has been very successful in advocating for its members but a confrontational approach is not the best means to achieve desired ends. Instead, CJP has worked closely with Textron Aviation and other product and service providers to highlight the benefits of a mutually desirable outcome. RC clearly did not want to have its operational safety compromised by the mandated removal of procedures so they were open to working closely with us to find solutions.

Similarly with Textron and the full gamut of items that we have resolved together. The number of items across the many functions of Textron Aviation recently caused us to consider forming a standing committee with defined minimum interactions that involve the right people at the right levels at Textron Aviation. That standing committee is now in place and will be ramping up its work in 2018. We don’t know whether this will be better than the approach we’ve used thus far but it does highlight the tremendous collaborative relationship that exists even as CJP advocates for member benefit.

The CJP advocacy role has preferred working quietly in the background as issues take form unless a more visible role is required. The standing committee we’ve put in place will hopefully be able to continue the outstanding track record put in place over the last couple of years enhancing the initial efforts introduced early in CJP’s history. It’s a great collaboration that benefits CJP members, Textron Aviation, and Textron Aviation’s suppliers and partners.