By CJP Executive Director Lt. Col. Jon “Huggy” Huggins

Mark Peterson first owned a CJ2 – known to the FAA as a C525A – with serial number 0093, and the full serial number 525A0093. Mark registered it as N93PE, with the ‘papa echo’ tail in honor of his company, Preco Electronics.

Photo courtesy of Zane Adams, used with permission.

Photo courtesy of Zane Adams, used with permission.

Here’s where it gets confusing. Mark later sold the CJ2, and bought a CJ3. But guess what? By coincidence, his new CJ3 is ALSO serial number 0093. However, being a CJ3 (525B), his full serial number is 525B0093.

So, Mark decided to keep the N93PE tail number for the CJ3, with the CJ2 he sold taking on a new tail number. I think you know where this is going; complete confusion within the FAA. Changing N93PE from 525A0093 to 525B0093 had the bureaucracy going nuts!

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