CJP 2022: Annual Meeting Highlights Association’s Resilience Over Past Two Years

The COVID-19 pandemic affected all segments of the aviation industry and CJP was no exception. However, during their annual meeting to close out CJP 2022, members of the CJP Board of Directors stated the association has rebounded well over the past year.

Stratton DV Imaging photo

Stratton DV Imaging photo

Association coffers are bouncing back from the financial hits incurred by the pandemic, noted outgoing CJP Chair Randy Broiles. “We’ve been slightly underwater the last 2-3 years, but we had a plan for it,” he said, noting cash reserves helped maintain CJP initiatives including FOQA and Safe to Land (sm).

“We need at least two years of surplus so we can maintain these activities during unusual times,” he continued, “and COVID reminded us of what that really meant.”

CJP Chief Executive Officer Trent Corcia noted total membership count also dipped slightly due to COVID but remains at 1,400 members. “We have had a year of stability and growth,” he continued. “Hopefully you guys can see the passion that I have, and clearly [membership in CJP] is the best value in Citation ownership.”

Broiles emphasized the significance of having such a large member base, including the ability to draw a record number (65) of CJP Partner companies supporting the organization. “That scale is so important,” he said. “From time to time I hear, ‘do we really want to be this size?’

“Absolutely!” he continued. “We need scale to raise the tide that raises all vessels. Whether you’re talking about safety, or advocacy with the airframe manufacturer or engine manufacturers, it’s scale that makes the difference.”

Broiles then lauded retiring board members Chick Gregg (Treasurer) and Kirk Samuelson, and thanked outgoing CJP Foundation Chair Tom Abood, whose position Randy now assumes following the Annual Convention. “Tom has helped CJP get sustainable,” Broiles said. “We need continuity of leadership as we continue to grow and nurture some of these critical safety programs. I’ve got huge shoes to fill behind him next year.”

CJP also chose to grant additional scholarships this year, with five $10,000 awards presented in 2022 compared to two $25,000 scholarships in past years. “We found there was a bigger group of good people that we wanted to be able to recognize,” noted CJP Aviation Community Services Committee Chair Larry King.

The Board also pledged to review efforts to promote greater transparency.

St. Regis Deer Valley Photo

St. Regis Deer Valley Photo

Next year, CJP will return to Park City, UT from Feb. 6-9 for a regional event at the St. Regis Deer Valley Resort. Other gatherings still in the planning stages include Mackinac Island, MI; Turks and Caicos; and Kelowna, British Columbia.

The 2023 CJP Convention will take place Oct. 11-14 in Nashville, TN – be sure to put it on your calendars now, and stay abreast of all CJP events in 2023 here.