CJP 2021: Annual Meeting Offers Insights on CJP’s Standing and Policies

Randy Broiles 1On Saturday, Oct. 23, the CJP Annual Meeting examined the association’s position as its members and partners look ahead toward emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have a record number of members, over 1400 and 900 [aircraft] and we also have a record number of partners at 60,” said CJP Chair Randy Broiles. Those numbers help bolster the effectiveness of CJP’s advocacy on behalf of the Citation owner pilot community, one example being availability of new upgrade programs requested by CJP members, including Garmin’s NXi and G3000 4.8 avionics updates.

“Collins [Pro Line] Fusion is now available for the CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3,” he continued, “and we have improved engine inventories from Pratt & Whitney. And Textron as always is working with us on a number of initiatives, [including] their improved web portal and simplified billing. They’re continuing to work on parts pricing, among other things.

“It’s about scale,” Broiles said. “We can’t do any of the things that you’ve been hearing about – FOQA would not exist without scale, our ability to influence manufacturers does not exist without scale.”

Although COVID-19 impacted CJP’s revenue and cash on hand, Broiles noted the association remains on solid financial footing that should rebound further as CJP Partners return to pre-pandemic business levels.

“My goal is to make sure that I talk to every single Partner,” added CJP CEO Trent J. Corcia, “and that we keep growing and growing together. Please help out our Partners as they’re also coming out of the recovery.”

In addition to highlighting the location of next year’s convention, taking place Oct. 26-29 in Austin, TX, Corcia also announced the 2022 CJP Winter Regional Event at the St. Regis in Deer Valley, UT from March 29 through April 1. “We’re looking at going to the Wine Country this Summer, possibly in May or June [and] Mackinac Island in Michigan in the Fall. We’re still working out those details.”

Broiles also thanked members for their patience as the board deliberated on its COVID-19 policy for the convention. “None of us were happy with the time that required,” he admitted, “but frankly, there were things moving around in the great state of California that were impossible to predict, as the government recall election was completed in mid-September [and] early signals from Sacramento that said that, in fact, the state may do something extreme.

“I would also add that your board is strongly supportive of vaccination,” Broiles continued. “Where we struggled was in moving CJP away from aviation into matters that are intensely personal and well beyond aviation.” That struggle extends to the CJP Forum, and in particular its “World Views” section where several members have vehemently debated vaccination and masking issues, sometimes to the detriment of civil discourse.

CJP Board of Directors. Photo by Peter Stratton

CJP Board of Directors. Photo by Peter Stratton

Broiles emphasized the importance of maintaining an open and free discussion, but added CJP will continue to monitor that section. “It’s one thing to easily say, ‘let’s get rid of it,'” he noted in response to one member’s call to end World Views. “But those topics don’t go away. They’re going to reappear in what I would call our core aviation forum. Believe me, the Board will continue to watch this space.”