By CJP President Kirk Samuelson

CJP-2017-Kirk Samuelson-HeadshotBased on all we have accomplished, it is hard to believe that we are only a quarter of the way through 2017. Heading the list of 2017 accomplishments is the recent formation of CJP’s Safety Committee.

I hope you’ve already checked out the first edition of CJP Right Seat that was sent out last week. In the coming months, CJP Right Seat will offer new perspectives on the most relevant safety matters for Citation operators, as well as information about new safety-related resources for CJP members.

I’d also like to extend my personal thanks to two very experienced CJP pilots, Stuart Fred and Joe Fisher, who have come forward to join the Safety Committee to support Charlie Precourt. Thank you, guys, and I know we all will gain from your collective experience. We also look forward to getting input from many additional CJP members with our safety efforts. With your help, we’ll establish not only a new benchmark for the safe operation of our Citation jets, but also a model from which others in the GA community may draw expertise and guidance from.

Another critical ongoing CJP effort is the work of the Advocacy Committee under Marc Dulude’s leadership. This committee has the pulse on the issues affecting the viability and longevity of our aircraft. They are working closely with Textron Aviation, Garmin, Rockwell Collins, and other OEM/Vendors to ensure we are able to operate our aircraft safely, in compliance FAA rules, and with the latest innovations. Like our safety effort, Marc and his committee needs your feedback and ideas on issues/solutions for this effort.

One recent example of the Advocacy Committee’s efforts is the recently-published white paper on the many options for equipping our Citations with ADS-B systems ahead of the FAA’s January 1, 2020 mandate. This edition of “Flight Levels” includes additional details about this document, which will be continually updated with new information as it becomes available.

Unquestionably, CJP has accomplished a great deal in a relatively short time, and this would not have been possible without the work of CJP Executive Director Andrew Broom, who has taken the reins on leading this organization.

CJ3-Cessna Publicity Shot

Andrew joined us just a short eight months ago. A few of the many items Andrew is bringing to the CJP efforts includes keeping in touch with our membership, recruiting new members, working closely with our current partners while bringing in new partners to expand the member benefits CJP offers. Andrew and his staff are also doing a superb effort of turning into reality the many ideas your volunteer BOD has on improving our organization and its benefits (the current Safety Focus is a great example of this.)

Look for additional news and developments in the months ahead as your CJP organization continues to work tirelessly to enhance your safety and experiences as a Citation owner/pilot. Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars with the Annual Convention October 4-7 at the Arizona Biltmore, and our upcoming regional events on Mackinac Island, MI on June 23-26, and Napa, CA from Sept. 7-10.