By Rob Finfrock

CJP recently announced the formation of a dedicated Safety Committee to engage with CJP Members on methods for operating their Citation aircraft in the safest possible manner, and to develop safety-related resources for use by CJP Members and the broader aviation community. One critical aspect of this initiative is engagement with CJP Members for your perspectives and feedback on safety-related matters, and Members are invited to send their suggestions to

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“Over the past nine years, CJP has evolved from a small group of Citation pilots and owners, to offering a variety of membership and operational resources for our members,” said CJP President Kirk Samuelson, who also chairs CJP’s Safety, Learning, and Best Practices Committee. “I’m sure I also speak for all CJP Members in stating we strive to perform and complete each flight in the safest manner possible. With this new Safety Committee, we are taking a highly proactive approach in elevating the overall safety record for Citation pilots.”

The Safety Committee will be chaired by noted industry professional Charlie Precourt, a four-time NASA space shuttle astronaut who was inducted into the NASA Astronaut Hall of Fame. Precourt holds a commercial pilot certificate with instrument and certified flight instructor (CFI) ratings, and has accumulated over 11,000 hours of flight experience in 90 different aircraft types, including several versions of the Cessna Citation.

New initiatives from the CJP Safety Committee are available under the “Safety” tab on the CJP website, where Members may also find the new, safety-focused publication, CJP Right Seat, outlining the Safety Committee’s goals and to engage CJP members in collaborative discussions about the issues affecting the safe operations of their Citation aircraft.