CJP2017-logo-smallCJP partnered in 2017 with the Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation to jointly award four Bob Hoover Presidential Scholarship recipients with $25,000 each to be used towards continuing their aviation-related studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) on campuses in Prescott, AZ and Daytona Beach, FL. These four distinguished students – Andrius Logvinenka, Brooke Harrington, Kimberly Martinez, and Dillon Smith – recently updated CJP on their progress through their studies, and towards their future careers in the aviation industry.

Brooke Herrington

CJP-2017-Brooke Harrington-Hoover Scholar-0217Hello CJP members! This semester has been off to a wonderfully busy start! After a brief delay, I am happy to be continuing my instrument flight training. Every day I learn something new and increase my airman skills in the process. My favorite part of instrument training is not having to worry about my flight being weathered as often as in private. I feel much more freedom and have gained confidence in my flying and decision making abilities. My classes this semester are going very well. Surprisingly enough the class I am enjoying the most this semester is Calculus. Math has never been a subject I was very fond of and I always found it extremely difficult, but with the right professors I now believe anything is possible!

With Speed Week coming to a close in Daytona Beach, I had the opportunity to watch my first Thunderbird performance right outside of my school campus. Students and Daytona Beach visitors all gathered to watch these exceptionally trained pilots take flight, and it was certainly a sight to see! It was truly remarkable to witness the pilots execute their aerobatic maneuvers with such precision and grace. I’m looking forward to their return and another impressive performance next year.

CJP2017-Brooke Herrington-DA42-inflight-0417

I recently observed a training flight in Embry-Riddle’s Diamond DA42 multi-engine aircraft (above.) This was my first time in a general aviation twin aircraft and it will most certainly not be my last! In comparison to the mighty Cessna 172s I have had the pleasure of training in, the Diamond is obviously much faster and has my favorite aircraft feature, an air conditioner! One of my first flight instructors, Mark, once told me, “you know you’ve made it in New York when you have a washer and dryer in your apartment, and you know you’ve made it in aviation when your airplane has an air conditioner!” This flight has sparked an excitement for multi-engine aircraft I was unaware of. I’m looking forward to my multi-engine training now more than ever and can’t wait for the day I start flying jet engine aircraft!

Andrius Logvinenka

I just wanted to give an update on how everything is going since the beginning of the semester. To start with, I did my first solo on February 1st, and that was one big accomplishment that I wanted to get done after winter break. After my solo, my instructor sadly moved to Arkansas and I have been not been able to fly since because Embry Riddle is trying to find an instructor for me, for which I am hoping to get one soon.

CJP-2017-Andrius Logvinenka-ERAU-C172-0517

Other than that school is going very well, I am currently taking 16 credit hours, which is a lot of work but nothing that can’t be accomplished. On top of that time is passing by very quickly as I am going to school during weekdays and working during the weekends. Spring break is coming around the corner which I am excited to just relax and slow down for a bit. Hopefully I will get back to flying and going towards those cross-countries soon.

Kimberly Rangel-Martinez

CJP-2017-Kimberly Martinez-Hoover Scholar-0217Receiving the scholarship in December gave me a more confident start to the semester and a higher motivation to succeed in my classes. Some of the classes I am taking this semester are Airline Operations, Aircraft Performance and Instrument Ground Lab. I have especially enjoyed my Aircraft Performance because it is building upon my knowledge of Aerodynamics. I like seeing how all the pieces fit together. In my Instrument Ground course, we are learning about and practicing the various approach procedures with VOR, NDB, GPS and ILS.

As for flying, one of my highlights this month was observing my friend’s cross-country from Daytona Beach to Fort Myers. Since my friend is working in his multi-engine, we flew on the DA42 L-360. On the way back from Fort Myers, we did different approaches into the Orlando Sanford International Airport(SFB). It was night time when we did the approaches at SFB, so the view was even better! I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of what’s to come when I start my multi-engine training in the future.

Apart from academics, I have also been preparing for my professional development in aviation. This month Embry-Riddle will be hosting their first Spring Career Fair, since the Fall Career Fair was canceled due to Hurricane Matthew. I have applied for various internships positions in advance so that I am better prepared to speak with the recruiters. Some of the companies that I plan on speaking to include, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Endeavor Air, Mission Aviation Fellowship, and Qatar Airways. I’m excited to let you know how the event goes!

Dillon Smith

CJP-2017-Dillon Smith-Hoover Scholar-0217Hello again, CJP Members! I am excited to report that my fourth semester at Embry-Riddle is off to an amazing start. My classes are going great, instrument flight training is well underway, and I have taken part in numerous extracurricular activities and adventures. I could not ask for a better college experience and I am so excited to share my latest achievements with you all.

On the academic side of things all and all I think I am doing quite well. I am taking five classes, Aviation Law, Weather for Aircrews, Turbines, Aircraft Systems, and Aircraft Performance. It has been proven to be very helpful to take so many system and performance oriented classes at the same time as there is a lot of overlapping information and knowledge between classes. Recently had my first of three midterms in my classes and they went extremely well. Academically this is the start to a fantastic semester.

Instrument flight training is going well and I am enjoying every minute of it. It challenges me in a new and exciting way and I can’t get enough of it. I recently finished perfecting DME arcs and am now working on holds. Learning DME arcs did test me as a pilot as I did struggle a little at first and failed one of my lessons. However, through determination and a lot of studying, I executed perfectly and have moved on to the greater challenge of holds.

The one thing I am getting tired of is wearing the hood all the time when I go flying. I do a lot of my training around sunset, which is a disappointment for me because sunset in Prescott, AZ from the air is gorgeous, [yet] all I see is grey plastic. It is always a very surreal sensation to have flown for hours with the hood covering my vision and finally take it off before landing. I feel like I’m seeing the world for the first time, every time. Every flight is an exciting adventure and takes me that much closer to my instrument rating.

I am still working at the flight line as a student dispatcher, in fact that is where I am typing this letter right now. Working closing shift has been wonderful as the ERAU flight department is very slow in the evenings. This provides me ample time to study and do homework. I finished up the Embry-Riddle NAIA basketball season a few weeks ago, as Ernie the Eagle, the school mascot. Had a blast breaking out my killer dance moves and interacting with the students and fans. I am getting more involved as a Leader Coordinator of Embry-Riddle Summer Programs, we’re currently conducting interviews and getting geared up for an unforgettable summer.

At the beginning of January, I had the profound privilege of visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Park in Moab, UT with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, a club on campus of which I am an active member. We caravanned up to Utah from school on Saturday, January 14th, a seven-hour all day affair. When we got there we immediately headed for Arches National Park, an incredible place I had never had the honor of visiting before.

CJP2017-Dillon Smith-Arches Natl Park-0417

The sights at Arches are beautiful. The rock formations that mother nature has created over millions of years cannot be described in words. After we were done visiting we spent the night in a hotel which happened to have a bouncy castle in the lobby, coolest hotel ever, and the next day we attempted see the impressive view that is Canyon lands, however it was socked in with fog. So instead of taking in breathtaking scenery, we engaged in multiple snow ball fights and went back to Arches before making the 7-hour journey back to campus. It was a whirl wind of a weekend and an unforgettable experience.

I want to thank you all once again for believing in me and following me on this incredible journey. I am having an amazing time and amazing success here at Embry-Riddle and I could not do it without your support and generosity. I look forward to writing to you again soon.