By Rob Finfrock

Thursday, Sept. 10 was a red-letter day for a team of dedicated CJP volunteers who have worked more than four years to fulfill the dream of the Russ Meyer Citation Library (RMCL), a vast online resource for CJP Members to utilize in operating their Citation aircraft more efficiently, more knowledgeably, and with even more enjoyment.

The homepage for CJP's Russ Meyer Citation Library

The homepage for CJP’s Russ Meyer Citation Library

“This has been an incredibly fun project to work on,” said CJP Member Steve Vollum, who along with CJP Treasurer and Director Tracy Forrest has spearheaded creation of the RMCL. “I’ve waited two-and-half years to stand on this stage and announce that today is the day that the Russ Meyer Citation Library becomes a reality.”

As of today, more than 900 articles are loaded into a resource that, over time, may ultimately include thousands of pages of useful information for Citation operators. That content was organized and curated from across a wide range of sources by a dedicated team of students at the Prescott, AZ campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, led by ERAU faculty member Randy Rehbach.

“CJP, as an organization, began as an information exchange,” Vollum continued. “It has evolved into the organization we see, with more than 900 Members from 30 countries. Through our online forums, CJP has created a vast social exchange for information – but our success has also led to information overload.”

Organizing that information in a concise manner, in addition to drawing from content relevant to the Citation owner community from across the broad spectrum of the business aviation industry, were the primary goals for the RMCL team comprised of researchers, software engineers and web designers, and CJP Members who volunteered their time and resources to build the library.

“Our intent was not to simply recreate content from other sources, but to revise it to address the specific needs of the Citation community,” Vollum said. Without question, we have had tremendous success towards accomplishing our goal with the Russ Meyer Citation Library, but by definition, that goal will never be ‘met.’ The RMCL is a living, breathing thing that will continue to evolve.”

Among the items unique to the RMCL is a complete set of Cessna’s “Specification & Description” documents for each Citation model. Contents also include a growing selection of training and maintenance materials, plus accident analysis, pilot reports and many diverse articles selected specifically to interest CJP Members, as well as Citation pilots and owners.

Russ Meyer

“I’m still in awe of the tremendous amount of material up here,” said Cessna chairman emeritus and RMCL namesake Russ Meyer, Jr. (shown above). “When we developed the very first Citation more than 40 years ago, we gave as much thought to supporting the product as we did to the aerodynamics and engineering. The RMCL is a natural, 21st-century continuation of that ideal, and it is an honor to participate in this rollout that is not only a milestone for CJP, but also for the entire industry.”

The RMCL is available to CJP Members at