Attendees of the 2014 CJP Convention had the opportunity to hear an enthusiastic and informative update about the upcoming Russ Meyer Citation Library (RMCL), including the announcement of a partnership between CJP and the Prescott, AZ campus of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) to speed its development.

CJP board member Steve Vollum updates 2014 Convention attendees on the progress of the Russ Meyer Citation Library

CJP board member Steve Vollum updates 2014 Convention attendees on the progress of the Russ Meyer Citation Library

CJP board member Tracy Forrest said the idea for the Russ Meyer Citation Library came about 24 months ago. Back then, he said, there was little more than a “marginal VFR” perspective on what it should be, but since that time the project has moved forward at a rapid pace.

“This has been a fun project, and a fabulous trip,” added board member Steve Vollum, who has been charged with developing the web portal. “This was just an idea in 2012, but it was backed by commitments and fundraising by members. By 2013, we had the resources and vision to reach V1. The project was climbing out of the murk, and started to break into the sunshine.”

The library software was developed earlier this year, moving the project to arguably its most challenging phase: building content. (“A library doesn’t do any good without books in the building,” Forrest noted.) Towards that goal, a small group of students at the Prescott ERAU campus will assist with identifying content and building this innovative resource.

“There are a couple of really good synergies here,” said ERAU faculty member Randy Rehbach, who will oversee the project. “The Russ Meyer Citation Library will be about sharing information and gaining knowledge, and that’s also what Embry Riddle is about. And, of course, we also share a passion for aviation, and Embry-Riddle offers a passionate and qualified resource in our students.”

Rehbach further noted that students involved with the RMCL project will benefit from an introduction to the world of business aviation. “Admittedly, at Embry-Riddle we end up talking a lot about airlines,” he added. “Business and corporate aviation just doesn’t get the attention it deserves, so this program is a great introduction for our students to that side of things.”

As content is developed, Vollum noted that more features will be rolled out to Members to use, review, and offer their opinions on.

“We want to be the go-to site for Citations,” he added. “We want you to be able to call up a pre-flight video about how to check the hydraulic level on a Mustang, from your smartphone, when you’re out on the hangar trying to remember what that procedure is. And, we want Members to use the Russ Meyer Citation Library clear up through serious studying about single pilot resource management.”